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Scala’s plans for 2016 and how you can help

Natali Vlatko
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The team behind the functional programming language Scala have updated their 2016 release schedule, revealing the areas where community contribution is welcome. Library authors and updates to documentation are all highlighted as ways to help.

Scala’s schedule for 2016 has recently been rejuvenated, with more work still to come on the 2.x series in the first two quarters of the new year. Big compiler changes are on the agenda for version 2.12 and are featured among the milestones set out over on GitHub.

The above-mentioned compiler changes are planned between the new encodings for lambdas and traits so as to fully take advantage of Java 8. A new optimiser is also on the cards. The team’s current schedule aims to have the first release candidate for version 2.12 ready by the end of May, 2016. However, there’s still plenty of work to get done.

Community participation

With Scala being a joint effort between Typesafe, community input and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the Scala developers have highlighted where community input can be utilised best. Library authors have been encouraged to publish and list their libraries, with helpful documentation available for including a library in the 2.12 community build.

Reviews of documentation are also appreciated at the scala-lang and docs.scala-lang repositories.

Version 2.12.x is now the default branch for reviewing pull requests and its been flagged as another area for the community to pay attention to. The team has said that they’re unlikely to merge anything other than important bug fixes to the 2.11.x branch – almost all of their attention is squarely set on 2.12.

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Speaking of 2.11.x, this will be the last release that supports Java 6. Half a dozen releases were delivered in 12 months for this series line, which was an improvement on the number for 2.10.x, taking twice as long.

Scala 2.12.0-M4 is set to drop at the end of January 2016. The most recently welcomed request is to update SystemProperties.empty to fix builders, but the removal of dependency on parser-combinators/json has been placed on hold. At the time of writing, 22 issues still need attention.

To get involved, future contributors are encouraged to jump onto the scala-internals mailing list. You can also visit the community page on the Scala website for other forums and resources.

Natali Vlatko
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