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Scala Lift 2.4 released

Chris Mayer

Ok, it may have come out a month ago but there’s some important changes to the Scala web framework

We’ll admit that this release passed us by a month ago, so it was good thing it was publicised on Scala’s main page. The secure and mature web framework, used by the likes of The Guardian, foursquare and Open Study got its final release for Lift 2.4 at the beginning of January, bringing with it a raft of enhancements for users.

These revisions and new features include:

  • Enhancements to JSON support
  • Record improvments
  • Squeryl/Record support for Crudify
  • Singificant enhancement to MongoDB support (including better support for reference records and binary fields)
  • Support for BsonDSL (BSON types to JsonDSL)
  • Significant enhancements to Mailer functionality
  • Significant enhancements to the CSS Selector transformers
  • Enhancements to Snippet resolution like sub-packages based resolution, Loc-based snippet resolution of Screen and Wizard, etc.
  • Significant improvement to REST support including stateless Async/Continuations on Jetty 7, Jetty 8 and Tomcat/Glassfish
  • Ability to get html5 compliant templates using data-lift attribute
  • Numerous localization modules

The developers behind Lift claim seven attributes make the web framework stand above the rest, stating that Lift is a secure, fast-building, scalable and interactive option that Scala enthusiasts should try for developing web application.

Why not check it out for yourself? You can find out how to download Lift 2.4 here and become part of a burgeoning community too, by joining the mailing list.

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