Martin Odersky's New Company

Scala Creator Launches Scala Solutions

Jessica Thornsby

Martin Odersky announces new company to provide Scala stable previous version support.

Martin Odersky has announced ‘Scala Solutions,’ a new company that aims to provide organisations with the products and services to help them use Scala in the creation of business applications.

Speficially, Scala Solutions will provide Scala stable previous version support by distributing updates with bug fixes for previous versions, starting with Scala 2.8, as some companies may need to keep existing version based applications running after newer versions have been announced. Scala Solutions have also revealed that a ‘Migration Manager’ will be released in January 2011, for enabling applications compiled with a previous version of Scala, to be scanned for binary incompatibilities. It will aim to automatically rectify binary compatibility issues, through classfile rewriting.

Martin Odersky said: “We have founded Scala Solutions to provide the advanced tools and services needed by Scala developers to create mission critical applications that are reliable, quick to develop and easy to maintain.”

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