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Weekly round-up: Angular update, two new JEPs & a Java enhancement proposal draft

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Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week we got an Angular update, two new Java enhancement proposals and a JEP draft. Let’s take a look.

Road to Angular v9: 9.0.0-next.4 improves Ivy performance and squashes some bugs

We took another step down the road to Angular 9 last week, with version 9.0.0-next.4 making a small number of changes. The main focus was performance improvements for Ivy and bug catching.

Read the Angular 9.0.0-next.4 release notes in full.

JEP 360: Sealed Types

In terms of Java, last week was a real treasure trove; not one but TWO new Java enhancement proposals. The first one, JEP 360, It proposes to bring sealed types to Java, allowing developers to impose restrictions on which other classes or interfaces may extend or implement them.

Read all about JEP 360: Sealed Types here.

JEP 359: Records

The second Java enhancement proposal, JEP 359, intends to bring records to Java, a new kind of type declaration. The fun thing about these two JEPs is that they will work in tandem with each other to enable users to work with algebraic data types.

Read all about JEP 359: Records here.

JEP draft: Throughput post-write barrier for G1

And if two new JEPs weren’t enough, we also got a new JEP draft from Java Platform Team software engineer Man Cao, proposing to improve the performance of the G1 garbage collector when concurrent refinement is disabled. He proposes to do this by introducing a simplified post-write barrier.

Read more about the JEP draft here.

Stagemonitor: Performance monitoring for Java web applications

It’s been a pretty quiet period for stagemonitor, the application performance monitoring (APM) tool for Java servlet applications. However, version 0.89 has just been released – an update with some dependency upgrades as well as new features.

Read about stagemonitor version 0.89 here.

But that’s not all

Last week was so full of interesting news and great content, here’s a few more highlights for you:

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