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On the road to Angular v8: Beta.3 is here

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The beta season for Angular v8 began in mid-January and we’re eager to see the final result. The fourth beta is already here so as soon as all the betas are out and the next milestone (RC period) is reached, v8 will be released.

Things are moving fast! The third beta was released last Wednesday and now the next one is already available!

There were eight betas for Angular v7 so if v8 is anything like that, the beta phase is far from over.

Beta.3 arrives with five bug fixes and one performance improvement, namely:


Update January 31, 2019

Since there is no schedule this time, there’s no way of knowing when the beta tap closes and when the RC period begins. But let’s enjoy the journey, which, in our case, means that the third beta is here.

This one is not as “leafy” as beta.0, for example, but it has it all: two bug fixes, one feature and one performance improvement.


Performance improvements

  • core: be more consistent about typeof checks (#28400) (9af18c2)


Update January 23, 2019

It’s been a week since the first beta arrived and now the second one is already here.

Beta.1 brings two bug fixes, three features and one revert:




Update January 17, 2019

Now we really miss the time when Angular releases had a schedule and everything was pretty straightforward.

That being said, it’s time to update our thread; the first beta for Angular 8 has arrived with 13 bug fixes, the majority being about Bazel, plus one feature and one performance improvement.


  • forms: export NumberValueAccessor & RangeValueAccessor directives (#27743) (ac15717)

Performance improvements



Update January 16, 2019

We started our Angular threads a couple of years ago and we’ve been keeping a close on eye on all the releases ever since.

The latest update might be invisible to the naked eye especially since the date of that last update hasn’t changed but we discovered that the Angular team has made a hush-hush update to Angular v7.2.

When Angular v7.2 was released, it only had four bug fixes (see the list below) but if you look at the same release now, there are 32 bug fixes plus nine features. Sneaky, sneaky!



Update January 7, 2019

It seems that Angular v7.2 only had one release candidate as we’re now one step closer to Angular v8.

The latest release brings a few bug fixes:

  • bazel: unable to launch protractor test on windows (#27850) (1e6c9be)
  • forms: match getError and hasError to get method signature (#20211) (1b0b36d)
  • upgrade: allow nesting components from different downgraded modules (#27217) (bc0ee01)
  • upgrade: correctly handle nested downgraded components with downgradeModule() (#27217) (326b464), closes #22581#22869 #27083


Update December 19, 2018

Moments before Christmas, the Angular team decided it is time for a treat! The first release candidate for v7.2.0 is here with a huge list of bug fixes and a couple of new features.

Let’s have a quick look.

Bug Fixes



Update December 12, 2018

The third beta for Angular v7.2 is here. This release may only bring some bugfixes but every step counts.

Let’s take a quick look at the four bugfixes featured in beta.2.


  • bazel: fix TS errors in the schematics/bazel-workspace files (#27600) (3290fc3)
  • bazel: Read latest versions from latest-versions.ts & use semver check (#27526) (30a3b49)
  • bazel: tsickle dependency not working with typescript 3.1.x (#27402) (f034114)
  • forms: typed argument for FormBuilder group (#26985) (b0c7561)


Update December 7, 2018

The second beta for Angular v7.2 arrives in time for Saint Nicholas with lots of goodies in tow.

There are 14 bug fixes, six features, and even one breaking change. Let’s have a closer look:


  • bazel: ng-new schematics with Bazel (#27277) (06d4a0c)
  • router: add a Navigation type available during navigation (#27198) (d40af0c)
  • router: add pathParamsOrQueryParamsChange mode for runGuardsAndResolvers (#27464) (d70a7f3), closes #26861#18253
  • router: allow passing state to routerLink directives (#27198) (73f6ed9), closes #24617
  • router: allow passing state to NavigationExtras (#27198) (67f4a5d)
  • router: restore whole object when navigating back to a page managed by Angular router (#27198) (2684249)

Breaking change

  • bazel: Bazel users: rules_angular_dependencies() will no longer install transitive dependencies of build_bazel_rules_nodejs and build_bazel_rules_typescript. User WORKSPACE files will now need to install rules_nodejs and rules_typescript transitive deps directly:
load("@build_bazel_rules_typescript//:package.bzl", "rules_typescript_dependencies")

load("@build_bazel_rules_nodejs//:package.bzl", "rules_nodejs_dependencies")


Update December 7, 2018

Angular v7.1 was released last week but the Angular team is already busy preparing v7.2 for its arrival.

Case in point: the beta season has brought a couple of bug fixes; no features this time.


Update November 22, 2018

Angular v7 arrived last month but, as you well know, things move at the speed of light around here. This can only mean one thing: it’s time for a new thread.

We’re officially leaving Angular v7 behind and starting a new journey. Angular v8 will be released in March/April 2019 but now that Angular v7.1 is here, there’s no looking back. If you’d like to check out the old release thread, you’ll find it here.

We were really surprised to see that Angular v7.1 only had one release candidate but we’re glad to see that the latest release is so bountiful; it has almost 20 bug fixes and over 10 features.

Let’s have a look at the features:

  • bazel: Bazel workspace schematics (#26971) (b07bd30)
  • router: add prioritizedGuardValue operator optimization and allowing UrlTree return from guard (#26478) (fdfedce)
  • compiler: ability to mark an InvokeFunctionExpr as pure (#26860) (4dfa71f)
  • forms: add updateOn option to FormBuilder (#24599) (e9e804f)
  • router: allow guards to return UrlTree as well as boolean (#26521) (081f95c)
  • router: allow redirect from guards by returning UrlTree (#26521) (152ca66)
  • router: guard returning UrlTree cancels current navigation and redirects (#26521) (4e9f2e5), closes #24618
  • service-worker: add typing for messagesClicked in SwPush service (#25860) (c78c221)
  • service-worker: close notifications and focus window on click (#25860) (f5d5a3d)
  • service-worker: handle ‘notificationclick’ events (#25860) (cf6ea28), closes #20956 #22311
  • upgrade: support downgrading multiple modules (#26217) (93837e9), closes #26062
  • router: add pathParamsChange mode for runGuardsAndResolvers (#26861) (bf6ac6c), closes #18253

Check out the GitHub repo for the extensive changelog. 

What’s up with Ivy?

According to the blog post announcing Angular v7, Ivy is still under active development. “We are beginning to validate the backwards compatibility with existing applications and will announce an opt-in preview of Ivy as soon as it is ready in the coming months.”

How can Ivy help you? If you wish Angular was smaller, easier to debug, and compiled faster, you’ve got yourself a genie in the shape of Angular’s renderer code-named Ivy. Since it comes as a non-breaking change, this means you’ll get it automatically in a future release by just staying on Angular’s latest releases.

Ivy is currently not feature complete.

You can track the Angular team’s progress at

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