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Riak Version 0.13 With Riak Search

Jessica Thornsby

Riak 0.13 with two new commands added to the Riak Command Line Tools.

Riak version 0.13 is out now.

This release comes with the Riak Search full-text search engine, which is built around Riak Core and integrated into Riak’s key/value layer. Now, when a bucket is enabled for search integration, objects stored in that bucket are indexed in Riak Search. Riak objects can be located and retrieved using the object’s values, and the Riak Client API can be used to perform Search queries for returning bucket/key pairs that match the particular query. The structure of the Riak source repos has also been changed so there is a single Erlang application per repo, meaning that third parties can now use riak_core in other applications. The new commands “ringready” and “wait-for-service” have also been added to the Riak Command Line Tools.