Keynote from Michael T. Nygard

Rethink IT: The Day After Tomorrow

Michael T. Nygard at W-JAX 2014

Almost everything in IT looks different today and is the result of constant change. In his keynote speech at last year’s W-JAX has Michael T. Nygard from Cognitect, Inc. dealt with this “Big Rethink” and attempts to answer the following: what role will IT play in the future?

From centralised to decentralised, from punctuated delivery via formal processes to continuous delivery with small decoupled teams, and from centralised architecture to microservices. Why did we go through this Rethink?

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One could just say, “that’s what works.” Michael T. Nygard believes there is a clear unifying force behind this shift. When we understand that force we will have insight into what comes next. Let’s talk about why we needed the Rethink and what unifies the changes since 1999. We also need to talk about what comes next, and when the old ways are still best. And, we need to talk about the great wall this revolution has not yet breached: the role of IT itself.

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