RedMonk programming language rankings for Q1 2020

JavaScript on top, Python ties with Java in RedMonk rankings

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RedMonk tracks the most popular programming language using data from GitHub and Stack Overflow. The first ranking of 2020 is here. This quarter, the number one programming language is JavaScript, which comes as no surprise. However, a few other languages moved up the charts. Let’s see what languages are trending in 2020.

The first quarter bi-annual Programming Language rankings from RedMonk arrived. The RedMonk Programing Language Rankings charts the top programming languages using data from two of the biggest programming communities, GitHub and Stack Overflow.

While the monthly TIOBE Index catalogs languages based on search engine queries, RedMonk’s rankings show which languages are actively used by developers. However, as with all ranking methods, the results may not entirely reflect reality, especially when it comes to smaller language with less data to crunch.

With that caveat out of the way, let’s explore the first RedMonk Programming Language Ranking of the year.

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Top 20 programming languages

1 JavaScript
2 Python
2 Java
5 C#
6 C++
7 Ruby
9 TypeScript
9 C
11 Swift
12 Objective-C
13 Scala
13 R
15 Go
15 Shell
17 PowerShell
18 Perl
19 Kotlin
20 Haskell


The top five languages come as no surprise since it follows a similar structure to other such programming language rankings, such as the State of the Octoverse. JavaScript is still number one, followed closely by Python and Java tied for second place.

An estimated 11 million developers actively use JavaScript. Kotlin’s popularity is growing fast, especially in Android development, and many devs say they have replaced JS with Kotlin. However, JavaScript still sits firmly on top this quarter.

However, a few standout languages shifted their positions.

TypeScript in the top 10

The State of JavaScript 2019 revealed that developers love using TypeScript. In the report, 89% of respondents said they are satisfied with TypeScript and it was the highest-ranked JS-compilation language.

In the quarterly RedMonk ranking, TypeScript moved up one spot, from tenth place to ninth. Its inclusion in the top ten is notable since the language is still fairly new.

Python ties with Java

Python ties Java for second place this quarter, settling in comfortably as the number two programming language. Its popularity is in part due to its versatile nature. Python can be used for a number of different use cases, including machine learning, scientific computing, software development, and data analysis.

From the RedMonk report:

Like the language it tied with in this run, Java, Python has continued to find a role for itself in new workloads and use cases, even as it faces more specialized competition in these arenas. This, as much as the language’s general accessibility and ease of use, is one of the most important factors in Python’s ability to not merely survive, but thrive.

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Dart rises, thanks to Flutter

While it didn’t make the top 20 chart, Dart rose in usage compared to the last ranking. Perhaps due to the increased popularity of the UI toolkit Flutter, which is based on Dart, it is now #24 on the list. Just eighteen months ago, Dart was #33.

The most recent State of the Octoverse confirms this growth. Developers on GitHub increased their programming with Flutter and Dart.

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