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Testing React applications

JAXenter Editorial Team

When it comes to testing front-end applications, there’s a painless way. In this session, find out about pain-free React application testing, what rules you should follow, and how to simplify your experience. Hans-Christian Otto demonstrates various examples and offers solutions.

Testing front-end applications does not need to be a pain. In fact, testing React applications can be quite easy if you follow some rules.

In this session, we will discuss the rules you need to follow for a simpler testing experience. Additionally, I will demonstrate how straightforward testing React applications can be.


reactHans-Christian Otto After several years of being employed as a Director of Software Development, Christian co-founded Suora GmbH, a company that supports customers in designing, building, and modernizing web applications. From frontend technologies to complex server side architectures, he is experienced in the major building blocks of today’s web platforms. Christian enjoys finding the right spot between pragmatism and formally correct software design. Christian believes in leveraging the right tool for the job, while keeping in mind the beauty of simple architectures. As a Consultant with Suora, he supports customers in developing modern IoT platforms and complex distributed systems.

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