Re-Design Eclipse Logo And Win $500


Eclipse are currently looking to spruce up their logo, and have enlisted the help of the crowdSPRING community to do so.

Eclipse have had the same logo since the project was created back in 2001, and therefore it has a strong connection to the Eclipse community and brand. Eclipse stress that they are looking for a ‘modernisation’ of the existing logo, rather than a brand new logo. “We want incremental improvements and refinements, something that looks like it was designed in 2010,” reads the posting on crowdSPRING. All the different formats of the existing Eclipse logo are available for viewing at the Eclipse website. They are also looking for a ‘modernised’ version of the logo that can be used as an icon.

The logo project ends 19th February 2010, at 20:30 GMT. The designer of the winning logo will be awarded $500. The logos can be viewed at crowdSPRING, and members of the Eclipse community can comment on the logos at the Eclipse Bugzilla.

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