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Quarkus 0.15.0 update arrives along with a new logo and improvements

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Quarkus version 0.15.0 is here, with a few major changes and some bug fixes. Take a look at what’s new for this container-first Kubernetes native Java stack. Be sure to also say hello to the new logo, made with the concept of supersonic subatomic Java in mind.

Red Hat’s framework Quarkus has been on our radar since its release back in March, 2019. 

Quarkus is an open source, container-first Kubernetes native Java stack. It is made out of the Hibernate, Netty, RESTEasy, Eclipse MicroProfile, Eclipse Vert.x, and Apache Camel libraries and standards. Quarkus embraces the twelve-factor app architecture for modern app creation and focuses on fast startup times. Now, the framework sees a new release with a few major changes and a new branded logo.

What’s new for the “supersonic subatomic” Java framework? The major changes include an upgrade to GraalVM rc16.

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Version 0.15.0

Several new improvements and fixes come packaged with this update.

According to the changelog, here are just some of the changes made in version 0.15.0:

  • #2424 Quickstart changes. policy-enforcer disabled by default [fixes issue #2422]
  • #2423 – Docs – extension guide – how to override a bean
  • #2385 – Improve add-extension with error in case of multiple matches. This change ensures that if two extensions match the substring in add-extensions, Quarkus shows the list as opposed to taking the random first choice. It adds some emoji for easy at-a-glance knowledge of which extension has been added, as well as adds search artifact-id on top of the existing label and name search.
  • #2369 – Support for the default groups and the tokens in Cookies
  • #2279 – Upgrade to GraalVM rc16
  • #2268 – Introduce an Hibernate Search + Elasticsearch extension, based on Hibernate Search 6 Alpha. Supports the Elasticsearch backend.
  • #2095 – Major improvements for the Flyway extension. This commit simplifies the native resources generation and adds a Flyaway producer with integrated custom configuration.
  • #2086 – Add log rotation

This release fixes several known issues and tweaks a few things, upgrades libraries, and fixes some typos in the extension guide.

Some minor changes and fixes:

  • #2434 – feat: kubernetes extension generates probes if smallrye-health is available. Introduces a new build item.
  • #2429 – Exclude log4j dependency from the Vert.x Kafka Client dependency
  • #2415 – Make -Dextension and -Dextensions behave the same in the add-extension mojo
  • #2398 – Use Maven equivalent BOM import syntax that in Gradle guide
  • #2391 – Use the actual artifact extension instead of its packaging type. Fix for #2294
  • #2374 – Allow multiple file extensions per CompilationProvider. Fix for #2372
  • #2362 – Upgrade to RESTEasy 4.0.0.Final
  • #2334 – Allow tests to be run from Eclipse (#2253)

See the full changelog for v0.15.0 on GitHub.

New logo

Thanks to the efforts from the Middleware Engineering Services Design team, Quarkus has a bright new logo to fit its brand image.

Crafted with the design elements of an atom and the subatomic particles quarks in mind, as well as the framework’s speed and scalability, the new logo makes a splash on all its related media.

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Full logo. Source.

We will keep an eye out for more updates, features, and improvements as they arrive.

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