New major release can manage ten nodes for free

Puppet Enterprise 2.0 pulls all the strings for complex cloud infrastructures

Chris Mayer

Team promises that 2.0 gives administrators the agility they need, on-premise or in the cloud

The Portland team are delighted to announce their latest big release of their commercial IT-automation tool – Puppet Enterprise 2.0 aiming to make the lives of administrators easier, in times where complex computing environments are omnipresent.

The team claims that 2.0 will help adminstrators overcome many of their daily challenges – providing an intuitive software package that will manage infrastructure instanteously and is customisable to the user’s needs, meaning rapid deployment and scaling across the infrastructure – whether it’s physical, virtual or the public cloud.

Enterprise is written in Ruby and comes with pre-built modules from Amazon VMware or Hadoop to Openstack. Nodes can be configured in the VMware Cloud or Amazon Web Services. Node clusters can now be updated via a single instruction – saving valuable time for the more important tasks.

What’s most impressive is the easily navigatible interface and that Puppet Labs say you can be up and running with 5 minutes. The new GUI is what Puppet Labs are most excited about, allowing visual management of resources seamlessly.

Puppet Labs are providing webinars to show you how the product works and will also be demoing LISA in Boston, December 4-9. The commercial versions and the free open source tool is available to download for free here.

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