Project Proposal for Eclipse Project Management Tool ‘Woolsey’


‘Woolsey’ has been submitted as a proposed project at the Eclipse Foundation website. Project Woolsey aims to provide tools to assist committers with the management of intellectual property related to their project, as the Eclipse Development Processes requires all Eclipse projects to maintain a log.

The log includes information such as all third-party code that is either distributed or leveraged by the project and identities of regular committers. The current management tool is the automated IT Log generator; IP Log Tool. Woolsey proposes to offer more “flexibility.” It will also aid the submission of logs to the Eclipse Foundation IP team for review, and allow users to compare logs against project distributions. The Woolsey team intend to explore enabling the specification of mappings between third-party contributions and the library files distributed by the project

Project Woolsey will use Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) technology to pull data from Eclipse Foundation databases via RESTful web services. All editing of the log will be completed within an Eclipse IDE (or, potentially, an Rich Client Platform application). It will be compatible with the XML Schema (XSD) maintained by the Eclipse Foundation and used in the current IP Log Tool.

Full details can be accessed at the project proposal.


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