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PrimeFaces 3.2 Final released, new components added

Chris Mayer

Riding the crest of a wave, Prime Teknoloji has issued another update to their JSF UI Framework, bringing in some new components

Keeping on the schedule of monthly updates, PrimeFaces has recieved its second major update to the 3x series, with the final release of PrimeFaces 3.2, bringing in a number of new components and reimplementing some old ones.

Over 80 improvements have been made to the JSF UI framework/component suite, most of which were outlined in last week’s release candidate with today’s release tidying up the edges somewhat. 

Four new components make an appearance: BlockUI (that can block a particular content) DefaultCommand, MegaMenu (displays submenus of root items together) and the similar SplitButton (which has a default action feature and displays additional items in an overlay).

As well as these additions, the three following components have made the jump to being native widgets rather than being third-party components. These are GrowlProgressBar and Password.

All the new features are viewable in the ChangeLog but some of the highlights for this version include 

Maintenance has also been on the menu for PrimeFaces 3.2 with 35+ filed defect fixes. PrimeFaces QA team is also currently working on a new Arquillan-JSFUnit test suite. Self-proclaimed leader of the project, ‘Optimus Prime’ also reports that they are well on the road to PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9.2 release, which is planned in the next 2 weeks, before the focus shifts back to PrimeFaces 3.3. He also revealed that major features of 3.3 would be the enhanced PrimeFaces Push, implementation of popular feature requests and two new features to Ajax framework.

You can download it here. Fortunately the PrimeFaces team have provided newcomers with a bulky 460-page User Guide – perfect reading to get you started.

In typical Michael Bay fashion, PrimeFaces have also released this trailer. Here’s to PrimeFaces 3.2:

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