Adrian Colyer interview

Prepare your mind for a new, finer-grained IT

JAXenter Editorial Team
Adrian Colyer at the JAX 2015 (© S&S Media)

After his keynote at the JAX 2015, former SpringSource CTO Adrian Colyer spoke to us about getting ready for a new kind of IT.

In his keynote speech at the JAX 2015 conference in Mainz, Germany, Adrian Colyer spoke about the need for programmers to prepare their minds for what is changing in IT. In an interview with Sebastian Meyen, he explains that in a fast-paced industry like this, it’s absolutely vital to stay on top of trends.

But at the same time, it’s often difficult (or even impossible) to pick out all important aspects of IT trends from the constant flood of information and change. And that’s why only the ready-minded developer can seize the opportunities that arise in a dynamic IT market like this.

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The former CTO of SpringSource and creator of AspectJ describes a current trend whereby almost all of today’s programmers are becoming experts in distributed systems. The question then is: what’s the best way to get to grips with the complexity of these systems?

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