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Devs fight your battle! A pledge for cross-functional teams

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About a year ago, product companies transformed their structure into a network of fully cross-functional and self-organized teams, strongly inspired by the Spotify model. But why did we take such a drastic step? In this session, Steffen Behn and Tina Dreimann explain everything you need to know.

A couple of years ago, we were still happy to have scrum tech teams shielded from the rest of the organization. Product managers were our gatekeepers for outside stakeholders. Our developers were even based in another office.
Twelve months later we changed the setup completely. Strongly inspired by the Spotify model, we transformed the structure of our product company into a network of fully cross-functional and self-organized teams. With this session, you will discover why we took such a drastic step, what worked and what did not work – unfiltered and raw.


Steffen Behn is CTO at kartenmacherei, a leading supplier for personalized stationery in Europe. For five years he passionately drives the company’s transformation into an agile and cross-functional frontrunner. With a strong focus on people, Steffen truly believes in trust and culture rather than command and control – influenced by early experiences with the pains of corporate hierarchies at BMW Product Management, Marketing & Sales. On weekends he still is a petrolhead.

Tina Dreimann is Business & Agile Coach at kartenmacherei, a leading supplier for personalized stationery in Europe. With a decade of experience in management consulting and e-commerce, Tina witnessed waterfall times on chewy strategy and IT projects. Working as a business unit leader of an online dating platform, agile and lean methods became her salvation and passion. She very much enjoys discovering and experimenting with ever new sides of mindset and methods in order to shape a modern work environment.


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