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Pivotal unveils open-source Big Data Suite

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Pivotal has unveiled a new version of its Big Data Suite, which should allow users to discover the value data analytics has for them. For the first time, the source code of the Pivotal tool has been opened to the community.

The Pivotal Greenplum database, the SQL query engine for Hadoop HAWQ and the NoSQL in-memory database Pivotal GemFire, are among the components from the Pivotal Big Data Suite to be opened up to the community. According to Pivotal, the new approach offers an open and fully functional core, reliability for critical business processes, additional customer support, performance optimizations for enterprise workloads and enhanced operational tools.

Deployment on an open cloud platform

The Pivotal Big Data Suite is made to support standard hardware systems, application-based deployment, virtualized server instances as well as public, private and hybrid clouds. In addition, the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager will be integrated to provide the functions of the Pivotal Big Data Suite within or adjacent to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry application.

The product, which Pivotal describes as the world’s first enterprise-class open source Big Data Product Suite, is designed to help companies flexibly implement oceans of data and provide them with access to tools for advanced analytics of data. On top of this, various modules are available to support data-centric scale-out applications in hybrid cloud environments.

In addition, four new data services are now available: Pivotal Big Data Suite on Cloud Foundry is an advanced data service for the use of applications running “as a service” in the open cloud platform. Spring XD is a distributed, open-source, highly scalable framework for data acquisition, batch analysis and analytical pipeline management. Redis is a scalable, open-source, key-value database and a data structure server. Finally RabbitMQ is a scalable, open source Message Broker software.

New strategic alliances

The new Big Data Suite is the first outcome of Pivotal’s plans to concentrate its resources on commercial and open-source projects that will support its increasing traction in the fields of Platform-as-a-Service, Big Data and agile development. This realignment was part of Pivotal’s decision to withdraw from direct financing of Groovy and Grails. As Pivotal has now also announced, their company will be part of the Open Data Platform, which aims to promote collaboration in modern, scalable data architectures.

In addition, Pivotal has sealed its strategic partnership with Hortonworks in the area of Enterprise Hadoop, which aims to provide support for services such as Pivotal HAWQ which run on the Hortonworks Data Platform.

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