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Pivotal aims to level development playing field with new release

Lucy Carey

With the launch of enterprise oriented Pivotal One, company promises that everyone can now develop like an internet titan.

It’s been billed as a game changer for the mainstream enterprise cloud – and, with the official launch of Pivotal One, a new PaaS entry geared towards bringing consumer-familiar cloud features to the enterprise, today, we’ll finally get to see what all the buzz is about.

Consisting of set of application and data services layered to run on top of enterprise distribution Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Pivotal One is the fruition of a joint effort between VMware and EMC to develop a platform equipped to address the demands of a big data driven modern era.

Jaxenter caught up with Cloud Foundry Developer Advocate Andy Piper, who told us that this release comes as a response to an increasing movement among businesses to restructure traditional IT departments into “agile software development” machines.

Pivotal is looking to enable what it refers to as, “the consumer-grade enterprise” – allowing organisations to build out services and applications more quickly, in the same way as the fast-moving internet companies – “the ones that haven’t been shackled by the weight of legacy environments.”

Piper tells us it wasn’t just a push for faster development propelling Pivotal One though. They also wanted to ensure that developers were able to store and analyse data from their users and customers. Ultimately, Pivotal One “is about speed and agility.”

In terms of the difference Pivotal One could make to the everyday life of developers, Piper explains that the team is hoping an end to the tedious laundry list of chores developers must tackle to get an app deployed and running.

This includes everything from calling up infrastructure teams, having new servers commissioned, and operating systems installed, to configuring databases. He adds, emphatically, that, “A development team shouldn’t have to go through an 18 month delivery cycle to deliver an app!”.

“When you first push an application to Cloud Foundry, and can then bind data services and scale out with simple individual commands, it really is a liberating experience compared to what traditionally has been required to get your application running. We’re making it quicker and easier to get going – a friction-free, turnkey experience.”

As well as open source PaaS Cloud Foundry, the new melting pot “platform” incorporates Spring technologies, Pivotal HD (the company’s souped up Hadoop distribution, formed from Greenplum parts), and analytics tool Cetas, which launched in February.

All of these additions will serve to simplify the process of building big data services into their apps, and, Pivotal hopes, “help usher in the era of agile app development to the enterprise.” 

Although other PaaS service providers have made massive inroads in the sector, Pivotal Senior Vice President and Cofounder Scott Yara believes that deficiencies in existing services mean the field is wide open for new challengers. He told Forbes that, “The industry hasn’t given us something yet that is the complete answer…The answer will be a company that allows for a much more open ecosystem to win, and I think we are that answer.”

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