JetBrains IDEs

PhpStorm 1.0 and WebStorm 1.0

Jessica Thornsby

JetBrains announce two new IDEs for working with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP.

JetBrains have announced the release of the PhpStorm 1.0 and WebStorm 1.0 IDEs.

PhpStorm 1.0 supports PHP development, and features a graphical PHP debugger and support for PhpUnit testing frameworks.

WebStorm targets developers working with HTML, CSS or JavaScript. It features DOM- and schema-based code completion, and suggests auto-fixes for problems such as invalid attributes and incorrect references to files in links. WebStorm leverages the refactoring capabilities of JavaScript, to allow modification of code structure.

Free 45-day evaluations of both IDEs are available from the JetBrains website.

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