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PHP to Hack, an Incrementally Typed Adventure at Slack

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Senior Staff Engineer at Slack, Scott Sandler, gave a keynote at the International PHP Conference about how Slack migrated its multi-million line PHP codebase to Facebook’s Hack programming language. Find out what they learned, what challenges they faced, and what PHP programmers can learn from the journey.

In 2016, Slack began a migration of its multi-million line PHP codebase to Facebook’s Hack programming language. As we say a bittersweet goodbye to the final lines of PHP in our codebase, this talk reflects on what was surprising, challenging, and beneficial in this migration. We’ll cover some of the benefits and drawbacks of Hack, and places where the PHP community can draw inspiration.


PHPScott Sandler is a Senior Staff Engineer at Slack, on the Backend Foundation team. His work includes performance optimizations, developer experience improvements, patterns and practices for using Hack, and open source contributions to the Hack community. Prior to Slack, Scott worked in PHP at Wayfair.

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