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PayPal X Toolkit for Google App Engine and First Milestone for Gemini Blueprint

Jessica Thornsby

Redis 2.0.0 released, and SpringSource announce that users can now install SpringSource Tool Suite on top of Eclipse 3.6.

Integrate Java Google App Engine Apps with PayPal API

PayPal have launched a new PayPal X Toolkit for Google App Engine.

This open source toolkit integrates Java apps running on App Engine with PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API. This API enables developers to embed payments into their services, applications and platforms, and offers new payment functionality such as Split Payments and Preapprovals.

The toolkit can be downloaded now. A Python version of PayPal X Toolkit for Google App Engine is expected soon.

Redis 2.0.0 is out now.

Redis is a persistent key-value store with built-in net interface, where the values can be strings, lists, sets, or ordered sets.

This release gets a number of new commands, including the DISCARD command for discarding queued MULTI commands, and the APPEND, ZREMBYRANK and SUBSTR commands. Git commit information has been added to the INFO listing.

First Peek at Gemini Blueprint!

After the release of the very first Gemini Web milestone, SpringSource have announced the first milestone of Gemini Blueprint.

Blueprint builds on the Spring Dynamic Modules version 2 code base and is the Reference Implementation for the OSGi 4.2 Blueprint specification.

Gemini Blueprint is dual licensed under Apache License and Eclipse Public License.

Install SpringSource Tool Suite on Top of Eclipse 3.6

SpringSource have announced that they are currently working on updating their developer tools to support Eclipse 3.6. However, while a version of SpringSource Tool Suite that builds on and bundles 3.6 is not yet available, users can now install SpringSource Tool Suite on top of Eclipse 3.6.

STS 2.3.3.M2 is currently scheduled for release next week.

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