"The best code is no code at all"

Write less code

In this article Umer Mansoor, a San Francisco-based software developer, talks about the importance of writing less code and revisits some of Jeff Atwood’s most important lessons.


Immutable Generic Classes

In this article Dreamix Java software developer Boris Velichkov teaches us how to implement Immutable Generic Classes. It isn’t so difficult to make a class Immutable or Generic in Java. But what if you try to make the class both Immutable and Generic at the same time? Is it easy and possible?

Addressing key concerns in the cloud technology

7 ways virtualization is increasing the business value of cloud computing

Virtualization is helping businesses make the most of the cloud technology by allowing greater control, scalability, and flexibility for efficient use of the IT infrastructures. A virtual infrastructure allows you to run several applications using fewer physical servers while enhancing resiliency and improving workload balance.

More appealing than ever

“DevOps is a reorganization” | DevOpsCon

This year at DevOpsCon we are trying to break the pattern of definitions. Our speakers are teaching us that without embracing the two-pizza team concept and acknowledging that open source is now default the DevOps conversation cannot evolve.

Perspectives on technology: New column by senior software engineer Steve Naidamast

Military siege theory & the cloud

In this column Steve Naidamast, senior software engineer at Black Falcon Software, will comment on how technology looks like today, how it used to be and how the buzzwords in this industry are echoes of past events throughout history.

Interview with Spring's Oliver Gierke

“Previously Spring was deemed proprietary — now the entire Java world is upside down because Oracle loses interest in Java EE”

The future of Java EE 8 seems to be rather foggy at the moment. We’re talking to Oliver Gierke, the lead of the Spring Data project at Pivotal, formerly known as SpringSource, and member of the JPA 2.1 expert group, about Spring 5, the situation of Java EE 8 and whether the community can take over Oracle’s responsibility.

John Davies Keynote

“The downside of blockchain is Bitcoin”| JAX Finance

In his keynote at JAX Finance, John Davies, co-founder and CTO of C24, a London-based fast data company specializing in high-volume, low-latency complex messaging, talked about the problem that blockchain solves, the technologies which use it and the industry sectors that are interested in this mechanism. He also answered the question ‘why are global banks investigating the use of blockchain in their applications?’

Eric Horesnyi Keynote

“Now is the time to disrupt finance” | JAX Finance

In the opening keynote at JAX Finance, Eric Horesnyi talked about the actors that lead the change in the FinTech movement and the so-called industry disruptors. He invited the participants on a journey to discover what’s under the hood of this ongoing revolution and to debunk some myths concerning the future of banking and the culture of unicorns.