Final release is due next month

Feature-complete Spring Framework 5.0 RC1 is here

A feature-complete Spring Framework 5.0 release candidate has just become available. The next release candidate should arrive later this month and the final release is expected in late June. Let’s revisit the four biggest Spring Framework 5 feature themes.

Sounds good in theory but not in practice

Remote work affair: Do as IBM says, not as IBM does

An IBM Smarter Workforce Institute study found that “remote workers are highly engaged, more likely to consider their workplaces as innovative, happier about their job prospects and less stressed than their more traditional, office-bound colleagues.” This sounds good in theory but let’s not forget that the tech giant is in the midst of a “move or leave” program.

Much ado about nothing?

Java is on a slippery slope, Tiobe index shows

If Java is dying, it’s safe to say that death becomes it. Java has died and resurrected more times than we can count and it’s still here. But, according to the latest Tiobe index, this programming language is “in a heavy downward trend since the beginning of 2016.”

Should I stay or should I go

Sword still hanging over Jigsaw’s head: Public Review Ballot for JSR 376 closes today

The finish line is almost in sight but it could turn out to be an illusion as the Public Review Ballot for JSR 376 closes today. Mark Reinhold, the Specification Lead for this JSR, wrote an open letter to the JCP Executive Committee in which he explained why “a vote against this JSR due to lack of consensus in the EG is a vote against the Java Community Process itself.”

Christoph Engelbert on Hazelcast's decision in the Jigsaw ballot

Decision day coming soon for Java 9: Several other JCP Executive Members will vote “no”

What will the future of Java 9 look like? Despite criticism from experts regarding the module system Jigsaw, Oracle opened the ballot for JSR 376. Red Hat and IBM announced that they will be voting “no”. We asked Christoph Engelbert, representative of Hazelcast at the JCP executive committee, why Hazelcast has decided not to support the Jigsaw draft.

Security is a process, not a product

Good coding practices mean good data security

Data breaches are a dime a dozen these days. Are hackers getting better? Not really. It turns out that bad coding practices lead to insecure code and glaring vulnerabilities. Who knew?

What's in it for developers?

The marriage between DevOps and finance — The way forward

We are moving to an era where all companies in every industry are becoming software companies. The implication of this transition means that there needs to be an accelerated focus on creating new application quickly and efficiently. Why should developers be interested in banking? Let’s find out.