What can happen when you don’t manage your use of open source?

Think open source software is free? Think again…

It was recently reported that Oracle will begin to enforce commercial terms on customers who thought they were using free Java software. However, companies using Java may not even realize they should be paying for the software in the first place – since most think it is free. Jeff Luszcz, VP of Product Management at Flexera Software, weighs in on the topic.

Financial IT stories

Does DevOps have value in finance?

How does DevOps fit into the world of finance? Can the cultural shift help the financial service industry to deliver software faster? And, more importantly, what’s in it for financial professionals?

Companies use DevOps cultural changes in IT to upend industries

Open source software tools of DevOps

DevOps, once a small cultural movement, is driving demand for experienced professionals who can improve IT agility as they try to move at “cloud speed”. Mark Hinkle, VP at The Linux Foundation, talks about what’s next for the effort to improve coordination between software developers and operations personnel.

Here to help

Eclipse is learning new protocols

The adoption of the Language Server Protocol is a huge win-win for many efforts within the Eclipse community. In this post, Sven Efftinge, Xtext lead and co-founder at TypeFox, explains why protocols are here to help.

Automation: Run towards or away from it?

Get ready for the rise of the robot programmer

Anyone with at least some experience in programming will want to take advantage of the robot programming trend. In this article, tech writer Rick Delgado talks about the impact of automation on jobs and weighs in on the skills programmers should have in order to fit into this scenario.

Microservice architecture to the rescue

Using microservices to power fashion search and discovery

Microservices became a design style to define system architectures, purify core business concepts, evolve solutions in parallel, make things look uniform, and implement stable and consistent interfaces across systems. In this post, Zalando’s Dmitry Kolesnikov discusses the company’s principles for microservice development of stateful solutions such as fashion search and discovery.

We brought some sanity back in how we build and run software

From the Monolith to Microservices

As projects got bigger and the number of teams and modules involved increased, it became obvious that the monolith approach wasn’t scalable anymore for a number of reasons. In this post, Mete Atamel, Developer Advocate at Google and speaker at JAX DevOps 2017, identifies four reasons why the shift from monolith to microservices has become necessary.

The first openHAB release based on Eclipse SmartHome

openHAB 2 has arrived

In this post, Kai Kreuzer, founder of and Project Lead of Eclipse SmartHome, announces the release of openHAB 2.0, the first openHAB release based on Eclipse SmartHome, and reveals what’s under its hood.