Improve your security know-how

4 Common Software Security Development Issues & How to Fix Them

As software has become the backbone of modern business, cyberattacks have become an ever-present threat, making application security a critical necessity to ensure business continuity. This article examines four commonly found software security development issues and how to address them.

Ciaran Byrne, VP of Product Management at OpsRamp

“Don’t have duplication of effort across your monitoring stack.”

We spoke with Ciaran Byrne, VP of Product Management at OpsRamp about the top challenges associated with managing IT infrastructures in mixed (cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid) and environments. Learn what an IT Ops pro needs to know about monitoring the major cloud platforms.

Developer and tester tips

Chatbot Testing: How to Get it Right in the First Go

Chatbots do more than just messaging. They are rapidly adding value to conversations and have context-driven intelligence that aims to solve customer problems in a convenient matter. This is just the tip of the iceberg. In this article, we will talk about the must-haves in your chatbot testing checklist.

Overcome the structural barriers erected by the cloud providers

A new way to sell software in to the cloud

In the early days, the cloud providers offered a few basic data services of their own and created marketplaces where independent software vendors (ISVs) could offer additional cloud services. Today, those marketplaces feature hundreds and hundreds of data services.

Interview with Richard North

Why Integration Testing is Taking Off

To learn more about integration testing, JAXenter spoke with Richard North, creator of integration testing’s most popular open source project, Testcontainers. North and co-founder Sergei Egorov announced that the Testcontainers project received $4M in seed funding, and that the project is on a mission to make integration testing so easy that it’s part of every build.

Answering key ML questions

What is Data Annotation and how is it used in Machine Learning?

What is data annotation? And how is data annotation applied in ML? In this article, we are delving deep to answer these key questions. Data annotation is valuable to ML and has contributed immensely to some of the cutting-edge technologies we enjoy today. Data annotators, or the invisible workers in the ML workforce, are needed more now than ever before.

Interview with Jonas Bonér, CEO and Founder of Lightbend

“Akka Serverless is really the first of its kind”

We chatted with Jonas Bonér, CEO and Founder of Lightbend about Akka Serverless and what makes it so different from other architectures. Jonas explains how data is kept secure in Akka Serverless and what limitations it removes with its data-centric backend application architecture.

Exploring Kubernetes native object storage

Kubernetes-Managed Object Storage for the Win

Kubernetes is incredibly valuable for DevOps and IT teams because it treats infrastructure as code, delivering full scale automation to both stateful and stateless components of the software stack. If you only use Kubernetes for the applications, you are only tapping a fractional amount of the value. Let’s explore this a little deeper.

Creating Artificial General Intelligence

Developing AGI: Where We Are and What the Future Holds


How do you create Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)? No one precisely knows. If we wait for a complete understanding with robust mathematical models of AGI, we may never get started. Given that, a more experimental and iterative development approach is in order.