Who's on team Jigsaw?

Will Jigsaw lead to the fragmentation of the Java community?

The countdown to the Java 9 release has begun — in just 100 days, we’ll be able to take it for a spin. However, some of the members of the Java Platform Module System expert group claim that we shouldn’t pop the champagne just yet. Is Jigsaw really that flawed or is it a worthy opponent to JBoss Modules and OSGi?

Meet Angular 4

Angular 4: Top features you need to know

Angular 4 has been released. In this article, Karsten Sitterberg and Thomas Kruse show all the innovations, give tips on migrating and take a guess at what Angular 5 will look like.

Angular is all grown up now

On the road to Angular 5: Simpler, smaller, faster, smoother

Everyone was expecting to get a glimpse of Angular 5 during the keynote delivered by Igor Minar and Steven Fluin at the ng-conf 2017. Although not a lot of details were revealed, we did find out that version 5 will have three themes: simplicity, speed and size and smooth updates.

No such thing as a free lunch

Who should fund open-source projects?

Open-source was originally meant to help us break free from the shackles of proprietary software. But coding and maintaining an open-source project is basically a full-time job. Volunteering time and experience means the community thrives, but who benefits from all this unpaid labor? And how do we foot the bill for all of these servers, anyways?

Portrait: Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Atlassian

Creating an equal playing field is about more than just teaching someone coding skills

Women are underrepresented in the tech sector —myth or reality? In addition to the Women in Tech survey, we also launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Atlassian.

Construction site safety — not enabled by default

Gradle 3.5 focuses all of its attention on build cache

The star of the new Gradle release is indubitably the new build cache. Although the team has worked hard to make sure that many built-in tasks are cacheable, it is not recommended to use this feature in production without fully understanding its current limitations. Therefore, it is not enabled by default.

Pirates of the JVM series

Gosu — Hey look! It’s a pragmatic language for the JVM. A simple language

Finding the island of Gosu is not an easy thing to do. According to the legends of the Pirates of the JVM, the mystical island of Gosu is a chameleon when it comes to staying in one lane. What makes Gosu so unique? Is it really a *simple* JVM language? We talked to Scott McKinney, the language’s father, about its advantages and disadvantages, its core principles and more.