Diagnosing the problem

OutOfMemoryError: Kill Process or Sacrifice Child – Causes and Solutions

This post discusses what triggers this ‘kill Process or sacrifice child’ OutOfMemoryError and potential solutions to diagnose this problem. When processes in the host tend to consume more memory than the available memory in the RAM, Operating System based on its internal heuristics computations will kill certain processes.

Interview with Brendan O'Leary, Developer Evangelist at GitLab, on the DevOps Platform Era

“The DevOps platform is becoming increasingly accessible and user friendly”

We spoke with Brendan O’Leary, Senior Developer Evangelist at GitLab, about the DevOps Platform Era – the fourth and final phase of DevOps adoption. Brendan discusses what helped drive DevOps adoption, what this new era means for businesses, and what will come next.

What's next for NLP?

The Trends Shaping Natural Language Processing in 2021

According to research from last year, 2020 had an impact on business globally, but NLP was a bright spot for technology investments. That momentum has carried through to this year, but even still, we are just at the tip of the iceberg in terms of what NLP has to offer.

Sampling your own product

Why Companies Should Be “Dogfooding” Their Own Software

Software companies of all types and sizes have the potential to reap the rewards of dogfooding. This article dives into some examples of how Sentry benefited from this approach. Learn about dogfooding a performance tool and how it helped resolve performance issues and improve efficiency.

Interview with Laura Baldwin, President at O’Reilly and Mike Loukides, VP of Emerging Tech at O’Reilly

“Employees need to feel that their work means something”

We spoke with Laura Baldwin, President at O’Reilly and Mike Loukides, VP of Emerging Tech at O’Reilly about the latest trends in data and AI careers. Which certifications are most associated with a rise in salary, why should companies invest in upskilling and internal employee training?