The new release in a nutshell

Flutter 1.5 arrives with In-App Purchase plugin in beta

Flutter, Google’s popular mobile UI framework releases its latest version 1.5. Stuffed with updates and improvements, Flutter 1.5 brings important changes and new features including the much-requested In-App Purchase plugin in beta. Let’s have a look.

Watch Michiel Rook's DevOpsCon 2018 session

I deploy on Fridays (and maybe you should too)

Do you know all these memes about anyone who tries to deploy on Friday 5pm? Their message is simple: Do not dare to do that! But what if you did it – the right way? Michiel Rook explains in his DevOpsCon 2018 session.

Don't grab the popcorn just yet

You can’t see a black swan without AIOps

A ‘black swan’ is a random, unexpected event with monumental impact, either good or bad. In the IT world, a black swan can lead to deep reflection—but also to broad generalizations based on incomplete data. AIOps can help and Ravi Lachhman explains how.

AIOps implementation in the enterprise

New study explores AIOps business value and challenges

When it comes to AIOps, IT leaders are still experimenting with its implementation and use cases. A new report from OpsRamp concludes that a majority of IT leaders in the United States are happy with the value that AIOps tools provide. However, teams still face a number of challenges in the enterprise.

Our favorite GitHub repos

The trendy five: April showers bring top GitHub repos

Still eating leftover holiday chocolates? April came to a close and with it brought some great GitHub projects. Today we look at some of the coolest GitHub repos that trended in April 2019, including a retro blast from the past, a Kubernetes cluster sanitizer, a file uploader written in JavaScript, and a few more.

Interview with Matt Waxman, Head of Products at Puppet

“In a Serverless world, sophisticated orchestration tools aren’t just nice-to-have, they’re non-negotiable”

A new version of Puppet Enterprise just has been released (Puppet Enterprise 2019.1). We talked to Matt Waxman, Head of Products at Puppet, about the new features of this release, the open source automation tool Puppet Bolt and the impact of Serverless Computing to the world of Infrastructure as Code.