An IDE feast!

An overview of the top Java IDEs

If you’re a Java developer, then the first and biggest decision you’ll make is for an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to aid the development process. We take a look at the top Java IDEs and what makes them great.

Big medical research data

Analysing 1,600 human hearts with Big Data

Medical researchers are increasingly turning to analytic tools to undertake ever bigger projects, while several big data analyses have already delivered significant results for healthcare.

Numbers and buttons

Looking at the FinTech behind Number26

Number26 is Europe’s most modern bank account, with all transactions appearing instantly on your smartphone. As a rising star on the FinTech stage, we were keen to hear more about the tech behind Europe’s latest banking solution.

WTF even is it?

Defining FinTech

It’s clear that FinTech is an emerging space that is having a global impact on how we live and how we do business. But how do we define what it is and what makes it so important?

New Kids on the Dock

Docker 1.5 arrives with IPv6 support

Docker 1.5 gives users plenty of features they’ve been waiting for: specifying the file to use in a Docker build, IPv6 support and some extra stats action. Docker’s first release of the year has all the right stuff.