Mobile first strategy is a winning strategy

It’s time to think mobile first

“Build for mobile first” —this is what David Barnes, IBM’s first official “Technology Evangelist” and JAX 2016 speaker, said during this year’s conference. It used to be a desktop first world, but as mobile-friendly websites rank higher in Google search results, the time has come to put mobile first.

Interview with Fabian Reinartz and Björn Rabenstein

“Transition to microservices while running under full steam is not easy”

SoundCloud’s architecture started as a Ruby-on-Rails monolith, which later had to be broken into microservices to cope with the growing size and complexity of the site. Recently, the company has started to migrate to Kubernetes. We talked to JAX DevOps speakers Fabian Reinartz and Björn Rabenstein about the current Prometheus setup at SoundCloud and what it’s like to monitor a large-scale Kubernetes cluster.

The tips and tricks, the gossip, the climax

JAX 2016|Agile day’s best moments

JAX 2016 is already at full throttle and this was only Day 1. We had a truly agile day, we asked questions and received honest, pertinent answers, we acknowledged speakers’ expertise and we laughed together. Here’s what we learned today.

Internet of Things

10 skills IoT developers need

It’s clear by now that the next major technological revolution will likely be the Internet of Things (IoT). We’ve been steadily progressing toward a fully connected world for years now, and the culmination is set to happen as the IoT becomes a reality.