The road to DevOps is paved with problems

Puppet’s 2017 State of DevOps Report: Key takeaways

“DevOps practices lead to higher IT performance” — this is Puppet’s conclusion after six years and over 27,000 DevOps survey responses. This year, the company also found that the beneficial effects of DevOps go beyond financial results. Let’s have a look at the key findings.

Trivial pursuit

How well do you know your Kotlin trivia?

Our pub quiz series continues with another look at a new programming language. This time, we’re testing your knowledge about Kotlin, the darling of Android that was recently promoted to a first-class language status. Do you know everything there is to know about this fresh-faced static language?

Interview with Dr. Jessica Barker

“There is a lot of fear in general surrounding cyber security”

Cyber security is more relevant than ever with high-profile data breaches in the news practically every other day. We caught up Dr. Jessica Barker after her keynote speech, “Cyber Security Myths and Monsters: Understanding the Human Nature of Cyber Security”, last month at JAX.

Change is the only constant

IoT diversity and evolution: The latest IoT developer trends

The rapid evolution of IoT means things are always changing within the field. In this article, Yuliya Gudkova takes a look at some of the latest trends from developers to see how the IoT programming world has changed over the last year and what is likely in the year ahead.

Making your life as a developer easier

Taking a closer look at JavaFX

JavaFX is now part of the Java SE 8 SDK. In this article, Java Champion Johan Vos gives us a quick overview of this essential framework and explains why you should use JavaFX instead of Swing.

Making it easier to work with multiple languages

Using Language Servers to edit code in the Eclipse IDE

Writing in Java but your PHP support has bugs? Eclipse Language Server Protocols are here to help. Learn how the Eclipse IDE is able to consume language servers to provide rich editor features and interact with them without having to learn anything new. In this article, Mickael Istria explains how to make things simpler for developers while keeping things the same for end users with Eclipse LSP4E.