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Windows gets Rust-y

Rust 1.4 highlights stability and Windows support

Have you been waiting for more code ‘soundness’ with Rust? Wait no more. A stable and steady agenda from the Rust core team gives us Rust 1.4, with Cargo and Windows support getting a boost along with type system tweaks. Stability has made its mark.

Wild data

NoSQL vs. Postgres

Who’s the sheriff in today’s data centre wild west? Postgres advocate Pierre Fricke looks at the risks that NoSQL will pose in years to come, while doing his best to deflate the Hadoop hype.

Fire and brimstone

Will there be Module Hell?

You’ve already been acquainted with JAR hell, but what about the horror that may be unleashed by Project Jigsaw in Java 9? Nicolai Parlog takes a look at the possibility of Module Hell, with version conflicts and complex class loading the likely victims.

All about understanding

Revisiting empathy, the essence of DevOps

Conversational practices like DevOps can enable organisations to practice empathy by detecting and narrowing the gap between their customers and their understanding of them, says Jeff Sussna. With that, he revisits the essence of DevOps in empathy.

Elastic update

Elasticsearch 2.0.0 lands, bringing numerous new features

The blockbuster 2.0.0 release of beloved full-text search engine Elasticsearch has landed. Based on Lucene 5.2.1, Elasticsearch 2.0.0 GA has countless changes for increased productivity, as well as more matured security features, not to mention the new ‘pipeline aggregation’.