Revisiting the life and work of Douglas Adams

Celebrating Towel Day with the proper programming language

May 25 is the day fans remember science fiction author Douglas Adams by carrying a towel. The celebratory day was first held 15 years ago, two weeks after Adams’ death from a heart attack aged 49.

No biggie

BootsFaces 0.8.6 has been released

This weekend we published a new version of BootsFaces. BootsFaces 0.8.6 is basically not a big deal; it fixes half a dozen bugs.

Software updates in an IoT context

Eclipse hawkBit — Features, requirements, scenarios et al.

Eclipse hawkBit [1] is a new project within the Eclipse IoT Working Group [2], the goal of which is to furnish an open platform for the Internet of Things. hawkBit is a project initiated by Bosch Software Innovations in support of this initiative, joining the Eclipse Vorto [3] and Eclipse Hono [4] projects. It will concentrate on providing a framework that allows for the simple integration of a software update functionality into an IoT solution or platform.

What's your choice?

Most popular frameworks associated with Node.js

Choosing the right framework for a project is still considered to be the most daunting task by business and site owners looking to strengthen their web presence. No worries, we have compiled a list of frameworks associated with Node.

Declaring war against pathogens

#OpenZika project: Help IBM’s World Community Grid fight the Zika virus

IBM’s World Community Grid has recently launched the #OpenZika project. The platform which encourages volunteers to turn their personal computers and Android mobile phones and tablets already has the support of roughly 750,000 people, as well as 470 institutions across 80 nations. In short, all you need to do is download an app and allow researchers to (quietly) run calculations on your devices.

Which Continuous Integration server is the one for me?

Comparing CI servers: Jenkins vs. CruiseControl vs. Travis

Joel Spolsky’s „Joel Test,“ which was published 16 years ago, delved into the daily generation of team-wide builds. As Continuous Integration server designated systems solve the issue automatically, they compile their administered elements – the name says it all – permanently. But what can an individual CI server do and which is the right one for my project?

While you were away

#AboutLastWeek: Google puts up one last fight and Swift is on to something

Each Monday we take a step back and analyze what has happened in the previous week. Last week we watched Google launch a plethora of new products and platforms, defend itself in court and jump right back into the blazing heat to end #io16 in style. We also discovered that Swift might be the only winner of the legal battle between Google and Oracle and pondered on blockchain’s future and Java EE’s label. But that’s not all folks!

Interview with the Hyperledger Project's first executive director

Apache Foundation founder joins Hyperledger Project as executive director

The Hyperledger Project has a new leader. Brian Behlendorf, the founder of the Apache Software Foundation and this initiative’s first executive director, spoke with about his new role, what the future holds for the Hyperledger Project and what it’s like to work with the industry’s most appreciated people.

David Barnes keynote JAX 2016

IBM technology evangelist: Outsourcers are “like pizza boxes”

In his keynote at JAX 2016, David Barnes, IBM’s first technology evangelist, talked about why developers rule the world, how important it is to speak executives’ language and how to avoid being outsourced. He opined that outsourcers are “like pizza boxes: give them a pizza box, stick them in a corner, they finish the code and that’s all they think about — they don’t think about the business.”