Modularity is here to stay

Top 10 books on Java 9 and modularity: A must-read for every Java developer

Java 9 public updates are officially over, Java 10 is here and Java 11 is almost upon us. But modularity, as introduced in Java 9 is here to stay! And so are the books covering issues related to the Java 9 release. Here is my top 10 list of the books that can offer a solid foundation for working with modularity in Java; a must-read for every Java developer.

Interview with Enzo Signore, CMO at FixStream

New technology rises: AIOps aims to facilitate, unify and modernize existing Ops processes

AIOps is an emerging technology which focuses on bringing the benefits of artificial intelligence to Ops. However, AIOps is *not* designed to replace existing operations model as well as tools, rather unify and modernize them with algorithmic approach powered by machine learning and big data. We talked with Enzo Signore, CMO at FixStream about its benefits, tooling and more.

Chaos Monkey comes to Spring Boot

Cry havoc and let slip the monkeys of chaos! Chaos engineering comes to Spring Boot with a bang. Is your Spring Boot project ready to be tested by the simian army of doom? Find out now!

The boots tightly laced twice

Spring Boot 2 – An introduction: Current dependencies & the basis Spring 5

New topics, new functions but also some work in your luggage: With Spring Boot 2, Pivotal’s developers are launching a new generation of convention pre-configuration solution for building Spring applications. In this series of articles Michael Simons, Senior Consultant at innoQ Germany, gives a comprehensive introduction to the basics and the news of the new version of Spring Boot.

Interview with Michael Bruns at DevOpsCon 2017 in Munich

“Putting a malfunctioning application into containers does not make it better”

Containers are definitely not a panacea for all problems and sometimes they are even more of a burden than an advantage for a project. In our interview at DevOpsCon 2017 in Munich, Michael Bruns, software developer and architect at inovex, explains which projects can really benefit from Docker, Kubernetes and the like. He also reveals to us, whether serverless will soon replace container technology.