Chatbots are getting smarter

6 common mistakes agencies make when first deploying chatbots

We’ve all had our fair share of experiences with a bad chatbot, but chatbots are getting smarter and research shows that they will reach a 90% customer interaction success rate by 2022. Here are some key chatbot mistakes you don’t want to make and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Identifying automation opportunities

Automating the Right Processes: Task Capture vs. Process Mining?

The growth of robotic process automation (RPA) over the past few years has been one of technology’s great success stories. On the face of it, RPA’s huge popularity makes perfect sense. Properly executed, RPA is able to automate a wide range of repetitive, rules-based processes, vastly reducing the time spent on routine tasks, as well as the potential for human error which often accompanies such work.

With a lot of data comes a lot of responsibility

7 Powerful Benefits of Data Visualization for Your Small Business

With a lot of data comes a lot of responsibility to make effective use of it, and derive insights from it. Data visualization is a great way to not only present your data but also interpret and analyze it accurately. Here are a few definite advantages that small businesses can enjoy through data visualization.

What should we measure?

DevOps and metrics – what should you be tracking?

More teams want to deploy services faster and the majority of companies have embraced agile and DevOps in how they work around software. What should DevOps teams track today, and how can they be sure that they are getting the most out of these newer processes?

Issues and benefits

No-code platforms: use cases, pros, and cons

What is the future of no-code and traditional development? This article covers the no-code development approach, its use cases, and pros and cons. Discover how no-code works, the difference between no-code and low-code, and how it can speed up your development.

Managing Kubernetes

The Hard Thing About Kubernetes; The Great Kubernetes Irony

Kubernetes is an incredibly powerful enabler for enterprise-wide app modernization strategies, but if not done right, the cost of modernization can take a toll. The Great Kubernetes Irony is that the very technology that was created to streamline the management of modern applications is, itself, incredibly difficult to manage.

Q&A with OpsRamp product manager, Jay Menon

Product-Led Growth in ITOps Puts SREs in the Driver’s Seat

In this Q&A, OpsRamp product manager Jay Menon explains what product-led growth is and how its use in the ITOps space will benefit SREs. All cross-functional teams – design, sales, customer success, marketing, engineering, and product management – must be focused on the sole goal: to improve the end user’s life.