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DevOpsCon Munich 2019 takeaways: Everyone is in Ops now & more

Did you attend DevOpsCon Munich 2019? Perhaps you were there but couldn’t physically attend all of the talks. Well we’ve got you covered. We collected some of the key takeaways from the conference and want to share them with our readers. We learned about the changing role of Ops, how soft skills are so important they’re now called core skills, what books we should read, and much more. See what went down at DevOpsCon Munich 2019.

Will Space replace tools such as Slack and Trello?

JetBrains launches all-in-one DevOps environment. Meet Space.

What if you could combine functionalities of GitHub, Slack, Azure DevOps, Confluence, Trello, and Outlook Calendar all together into one solution? At KotlinConf, JetBrains announced Space, an integrated team environment. Space creates a home for teams and projects with IDE integration in one scalable DevOps platform. Currently, early access is available and accepting sign-ups.

Profile: Laurie Barth, Staff Software Engineer on the GatsbyJS Learning Team

Women in Tech: “Diversity isn’t a debate, it’s reality”

Women are underrepresented in the tech sector —myth or reality? Two years ago, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Laurie Barth, Staff Software Engineer on the GatsbyJS Learning Team.

Upgrading remote access to the modern era

How ZTNA and SDP are becoming the gold standard in secure remote access

VPN services still use concepts based on software from the mid-1990s. However, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) reflects modern security sensibilities. A network designed to conform to ZTNA standards represents a complete rethinking of how network security functions. Unlike a VPN, ZTNA networks treat all users, internal or external, the same.

Watch Kate Wardin's JAX London session

Developer first – a new Leadership Mindset

Establishing effective communication and feedback loops with developers is key. Watch Kate Wardin, Senior Engineering Manager at Target Corporation, discuss a leadership mindset that can bring your team to new heights. Empower developers to reach their full potential with a developer first mindset, strategies, resources, and techniques.

Couldn't make it to ML Conference 2019 in Berlin? No problem!

Data to the Rescue! Predicting and Preventing Accidents at Sea – Livestream of the ML Con Keynote

In the second keynote at ML Conference 2019 in Berlin, Dr. Yonit Hoffman dives into the topic of data science: How can data science and machine learning help prevent accidents at sea that cost lives, money and environmental destruction? Here’s the livestream of the keynote if you couldn’t make it to Berlin this year.

Top up your DevOps drive in Singapore

DevOpsCon Singapore very very early bird offer ends December 12

DevOpsCon is an international phenomenon with talks and workshops from thought leaders and specialists in the field. It’s the crucible of DevOps innovation and somewhere you want to be if networking is on your agenda. The very very early bird discount for DevOpsCon Singapore ends on December 12, so why not take a look before the price goes up?

Guiding product managers

Security engineering: Glide path for software products

How can you identify security engineering for the end state of your project? A product manager needs to answer the following questions: – What is the right security engineering end state for me? What is the minimum? When should I stop? This article explores security engineering, investing in security compliance, and the journey to reaching maturity.

Welcoming the 5th part in the Akka Typed series

Tour of Akka Typed: Cluster Sharding

Manuel Bernhardt continues his series about Akka Typed, the new Akka Actor API that brings significant advantages over the classic one. In his fifth entry, he takes a loser look at cluster sharding and how to best take advantage of it. In Akka Cluster Sharding, the actors to be sharded are referred to as sharded entities.

Smooth operator

Manifold: Operator Overloading for Java

Finally you can use BigDecimal and other Java types directly in arithmetic and relational operations by incorporating a feature called operator overloading into your project. In this article, Scott McKinney walks you through this new capability provided by the Manifold project. Along the way he discusses other interesting features built atop operator overloading including unit expressions.

Watch Ben Dechrai's International PHP Conference session

Opening Doors with JSON Web Tokens

How do you grant remote access? Everyone is aware that the Internet of Things is full of security holes. In this interactive talk from the International PHP Conference follow Ben Dechrai and discover how JSON Web Tokens and a few other tricks can create a rock solid security system.

Recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium

WebAssembly is now the fourth web standard language

WebAssembly (Wasm) is now the fourth language to receive an official recommendation for the web by the World Web Consortium (W3C). It joins HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Are we about to enter a new web era? Now that WebAssembly is officially a web standard, let us take a look at some of its use cases, end goals, and the W3C’s reasons for choosing it.