Crib notes for the unprepared

The ultimate JavaScript plugin cheat sheet

JavaScript is a powerful and dynamic language, but not everyone can remember everything all the time. Even the best need to check their references every once in a while. In this article, Sohel Ather goes back to the basics for a JavaScript cheat sheet that’s useful for beginners as well as experts. Plus, some of the best JavaScript plugins from 2017!

Better mobile internet connectivity

Building the modern web with Progressive Web Apps

No one wants to wait for a web page to load. But how do you make sure your mobile user experience is great? In this article, Dean Hume explains why progressive web apps are crucial for a modern mobile web experience with more clicks and interactions.

How to conditionally skip test steps!

What’s new in Eclipse Jubula Oxygen

The latest version of Eclipse Jubula lets you write more complex tests using conditions and loops, and lets you conditionally skip test steps. In this article, Alexandra Schladebeck walks us through some of Jubula’s newest features.

Benefits of using Java for IoT

The role of Java in IoT

IoT has to manage a lot of data streams. That’s where Java can help. In this article, Chirag Thumar explains the role Java can play in IoT and what benefits it can bring to the table.

Head in the clouds

Dedicated servers or cloud computing: The infographic

Choosing between your own dedicated servers or cloud computing is a tough decision. Luckily for you, Jenny Harrison explains how you can make this choice by going over the pros and cons based on variables like performance, speed, cost differentials, and scalability.

Frameworks, I choose you!

Frameworks are the new black

Frameworks are one of the biggest things in computer programming right now. Nisarg Shah explains why you should think of frameworks as the latest phase of evolution in programming languages.