Major cosmos breakthrough: Einstein's gravitational waves detected
Community lessons

Groovy downloads double after joining Apache Foundation

Groovy creator Guillaume Laforge shares some essential lessons on managing programming communities and looks back on Groovy’s miraculous renaissance experience since the language’s departure from Pivotal and move to the Apache Foundation.

Tribes and squads

How Spotify does Agile

Spotify’s famously engineered agile practices have become the stuff of lean legend. The company is growing at a rapid rate and continues to employ its unique brand of agile methodology, which is intricately linked to its organic organisational culture.

Breaking down barriers

Is your IT department a zoo or a safari park?

As a developer, are you able to run free with other species? Are Ops and architects allowed to frolic together as God intended? Or are you trapped in a pen of expertise? Nigel Moulton discusses the pros and cons of converged skills in IT departments.

The week in Java

Java Weekly 43/15: JDK9 Modules, Reusability and Lambdas

Thorben Janssen is back with this week’s Java news featuring a new issue of the Java Specialists Newsletter, Mark Reinhold’s latest Java 9 article and some important skills for all the software architects out there. Check out the hottest Java links and more for the week.