Interview with Contino's Matt Saunders

“Docker is quite a transformative technology” | JAX DevOps

“Docker changes the way an organization delivers software in ways that haven’t been done in a generation.” JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to Matt Saunders, Principal Consultant at Contino and JAX DevOps speaker, about containers as a technology and what it means to adopt technologies such as Docker.

While you were away

#AboutLastWeek: JAX Magazine, MicroProfile, Java EE revelations

Each Monday we take a step back and analyze what has happened in the previous week. Last week MicroProfile, an open forum which aims to bring microservices to Enterprise Java, made its grand debut, a new JAX Magazine issue was launched and we started a Java EE debate.

The debate continues

Where is Java EE headed to? [UPDATE]

Where does the future of Java EE lie? After Oracle reduced its activities concerning Java EE 8, community members created a group called „Java EE Guardians“. Then came MicroProfile, an open forum which aims to bring microservices to Enterprise Java. What’s next? We asked Java Champion Lukas Eder, Java Rock Star Adam Bien and Payara’s Mike Croft to comment on the current state of Java EE and its future.

Not every battle is going to be a winning one

How to pick your battles on a software team

Creating software is an emotional process for the team members who all want to see it succeed, and this can create tension. The phrase “you have to pick and choose your battles” is commonly used. But how do you make those decisions?

Interview with Netflix's Mike McGarr

“Data is the engine that drives Netflix’s success” | JAX DevOps

Learning how to operate reliably at scale in a cloud environment was one of the challenges Netflix faced when it migrated all its services to the cloud. JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to Mike McGarr, the Engineering Manager for the Netflix Developer Productivity team and JAX DevOps speaker, about Netflix’s decision to migrate its services to the cloud, the challenges the company faced, the lesson learned and the Netflix culture.


I was wrong about TypeScript. Here is why

When something new is announced, people have a tendency to choose sides. When TypeScript was announced, I wrongfully picked a few key concepts that didn’t resonate with me, then chose my side: against. I’ll try to explain what I thought when TypeScript was announced and how I came to realize that there are great minds behind it who really know how to generate huge benefits without huge sacrifices.

Out now!

Inside this JAX Magazine: The rapid evolution of Blockchain and Spark

Bitcoin and/or Blockchain, Docker, Spark, microservices and more – these are the topics IT professionals are going to use tirelessly this summer. It’s time we talked about soft skills, security and even mobile and embraced the elephants in the room: Bitcoin and Blockchain.