NetCAT program

NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing

Kicking off an exciting new range of posts on the NetBeans IDE, Oracle’s Community Manager for NetBeans introduces their Community Acceptance Testing program, looking for volunteers to help stabilise NetBeans 8.1.

The smart home needs standards

Building a smart home IoT with OSGi

In the past two to three years, OSGi has gone from being an outdated Java-based connected home specification to a mainstream IoT technology. Here we take a look at the myriad of IoT standards and the most successful examples of OSGi IoT implementations.

WTF is it?

Duke the Java Mascot, explained

Have you ever wondered what Duke the Java Mascot is? Is it a mockup of the Star Fleet communicator badge? Perhaps it’s an anthropomorphic dinosaur tooth? Whatever it is, it’s time we found out!