Don't feed the donkey

Technical debt is not a unicorn

What feels good for programmers in the short term, often feels bad in the long-term. But when a work environment invites programmers to deliver short-term results, then they tend to put the company in technical debt. And technical debt is SO no unicorn, says Marco Troisi.

The week in Java

Java Weekly 46/15: JMH, Circuit Breaker, Hibernate Tips

Another dose of Thorben Janssen’s Java news presents some Java 9 code tools, implementing a retry mechanism with Java EE and a handful of reasons to migrate from Java EE 5 to 7. All this and more with the hottest Java links for the week.

Bloating your code

Why are websites getting fatter?

Web obesity is becoming an epidemic. Websites have increased about 25 percent from a year ago, with today’s site averaging 2,162 KB. In the past five years, websites have grown 208 percent. If the web obesity epidemic continues, there is no telling what will happen.

Tender love and care

Love your Architecture

Do you enforce an architectural blueprint over the lifetime of your applications? Apparently, its rarely done according to Alexander von Zitzewitz. Here he explains why more love for your architecture can result in better quality projects that are easier to maintain.