HTML Syntax Highlighting Support for Orion

Orion 0.2 M7 Released

Jessica Thornsby

Latest milestone of the Orion browser-based tool integration platform.

Orion 0.2 M7 has been released with a list of new functionality, including support for syntax highlighting of HTML files, and the ability to import and export content between the Orion workspace and a remote server, via the SSH File Transfer Protocol. Orion’s compare editor supports editing and saving the content on the left hand side, which opens up new possibilities, such as merging individual changes from the Git index into the working copy in the Git Status page. Files and folders can be renamed directly in the Navigator page, and can be copied in the Navigator using the copy and paste commands. The Orion server now provides a facility for tracking progress of long running server operations.

Plugins can contribute content assist implementations for different file types. This is an example of a plugin that contributes a content assist service for JavaScript files:

var provider = new eclipse.PluginProvider();
                new orion.contentAssist.JavaScriptContentAssistProvider(),
                {name: "JavaScript content assist", pattern: "\.js$"});

More information on all the changes, is available at the New and Noteworthy page.