Oracle’s Project Kenai U-Turn


A few days after a statement was posted on giving users of the open source hosting service sixty days to migrate their projects to other hosting sites, Oracle have performed a u-turn, taken down the original statement and replaced it with a completely new one. Even more confusing, this new statement claims that, actually, Oracle didn’t mean for users to start migrating their projects. What they meant was: stay put at Project Kenai while we work on seamlessly merging Kenai into our other newly-acquired hosted development website:

According to this new statement, Oracle is closing Project Kenai because it isn’t logical to keep both and Kenai open; and they have chosen to sacrifice Kenai in order to focus their full attention on

We are in the process of migrating to the kenai technology. This means that any project currently hosted on will be able to continue as you are on,” reads the statement.

Oracle advise current Kenai projects to stay put, and await further information.


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