Large cash injection in direction of the skies

Oracle are ready for the Cloud RightNow


The companies biggest purchase since buying Java

It has been announced that Oracle are to purchase software company RightNow for a reported $1.43bn. RightNow are a software company that make a suite of products, many of which centre around Cloud computing and customer experience.

This represents the largest take over by Oracle since buying Java itself, and will naturally be triggering chatter about what this means both for the language (if anything) and the broader IT and enterprise landscape.

Could this signal a significant change in business model from the well established buy-install-support method we are familiar with to a more decentralised software as a service model that is fast growing in significance (think Google and their universe).

It’s early days just yet, but it will definitely be interesting to see what Oracle plan to do with the new acquisition, and whether it will have any deeper reaching implications for Java.

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