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Oracle and Google will definitely meet in court over Android

Chris Mayer

Surprise, surprise, we’re going to court after final settlement talks collapse.

So it’s finally happening then. Oracle and Google’s last ditch talks for an out-of-court settlement have hit a proverbial brick wall and the two shall meet in court to finally put an end to this chronically drawn out case.

Last week, both companies were ordered to sit at the table for six hours to hopefully come to an agreement. Oracle shunned Google’s offer of a measly $3m (marked down severely from previous damage assessments) and a cut of Android profits until 2018 on the two Java patents left standing.

Despite Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal giving both parties until April 9th to thrash out the long list of potential issues, both have opted to call time now and get down to business.

Grewal wrote in an order yesterday:

Despite their diligent efforts and those of their able counsel, the parties have reached an irreconcilable impasse in their settlement discussions with the undersigned. No further conferences shall be convened. The parties should instead direct their entire attention to the preparation of their trial presentations.

Good luck.

He added ‘in the end, some cases just need to be tried.’ And that’s exactly where we are at – judgement day. A settlement was never on the cards here, with both Google and Oracle steadfast in their positions. This move at least allows them an extra seven days to prepare for legal combat.

According to The Register, since Oracle first filed against Google on August 2010, ‘a full 850 motions, orders, declarations, statements, and the like have been filed in the case’ with 20 lawyers representing Oracle and 26 for Google. It just shows you how convoluted this has been.

So after proposed court dates, recalculated damages and a hell of a lot of paperwork, it’s Oracle vs Google at a Californian court on April 16th in front of a jury. Expect this one to run too.

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