OGB Hand Control Back to Oracle

OpenSolaris Governing Board Symbolically Disband

Jessica Thornsby

After the news broke that Oracle are discontinuing OpenSolaris, the OGB symbolically hand control and direction of the OpenSolaris Community back to Oracle.

After the announcement that Oracle is discontinuing OpenSolaris, the OpenSolaris Governing Board (OGB) have symbolically disbanded and handed control of the community back to Oracle.

The reasons the OGB list for their dissolution, are Oracle’s failure to appoint a liaison to work with the OpenSolaris community, and the memo recently distributed amongst Oracle employees detailing the company’s plans to only release source code after the official, Oracle Solaris release.

“Without the continued support and participation of Oracle in the open development of OpenSolaris, the OGB and the community Sun/Oracle created to support the open Solaris development partnership have no meaning,” reads the statement posted on the OGB Agenda page “the desire and enthusiasm for continuing open development of the OpenSolaris code base has clearly passed out of Oracle’s (and thus this community’s) hands into other communities.”

The meeting was opened at 15:09 UTC. It took the OGB less than quarter of an hour to reach their verdict.

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