OpenCredo Esper Project with Spring Integration


OpenCredo Esper Extension project version 1.0 is now available to download. This open source project uses the Complex Event Processing facilities of the complex event stream processing project Esper. It aims to simplify common interactions with Esper in any Java application.

The OpenCredo Esper project features a Spring-style template that allows the application to call Esper regardless of whether the app is using Spring Integration or not. The project consists of a esper-template module that defines an API for interaction with Esper; and an esper-si-support module that serves three purposes. Firstly, it provides an inbound channel adapter for publication of Esper events to Spring Integration channels. Secondly, it provides a wire tap for the publication of messages being sent to and received from Spring Integration channels. And lastly, it supplies a monitor which uses the wire tap for collecting information on the number of messages being sent to a channel.

It is available to download from github.

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