America for Android Tablets?

One in Four Americans Want an Android-Based Tablet PC

Jessica Thornsby

Sybase release the results of a survey conducted by Zogby, into the buying habits of tablet PC fans.

Sybase have released the results of a survey on the emerging tablet PC market, conducted by Zogby International.

23% of those surveyed stated they would purchase an Android-based tablet, with one in every two Android phone owners displaying brand loyalty and claiming they would prefer to purchase an Android-based tablet. Amongst users whose smartphone did not run on an non-Android OS, the percentage of those intending to purchase an Android tablet dropped to 13% – suggesting this new market is still up for the taking.

Zogby also looked into the potential of the tablet PC market as a whole, and found that a surprisingly high one in four said they were likely to use a tablet device as a laptop replacement for either work or personal use, suggesting this could be a potentially lucrative market in the near future. When it comes to the qualities consumers look for in a tablet PC, 56% cited more software and applications as an attractive feature, while 33% viewed a physical keyboard as a crucial component, and 50% preferred a nine to ten inch screen on their tablet.

The study consisted of online surveys of 2,100 adults in America.

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