Eclipse's New ECR Project

Nuxeo to Contribute Enterprise Content Repository Project to Eclipse

Jessica Thornsby

Nuxeo plan to contribute a reference Content Repository implementation to the Eclipse Runtime Project.

Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository Project (ECR) has been proposed as a new Eclipse project under the Eclipse Runtime Project. The initial contribution will come from Nuxeo, which will then be developed within the Eclipse Foundation into a reference Content Repository implementation, accessible through APIs.

The implementation will provide the base services that can be used for any content application, such as Document Management, Digital Asset Management and Case or Record Management app. It will also complete and leverage the Eclipse Virgo and Equinox projects. The initial APIs will include Native Java Services for extending the repository to build a full app on top of it; REST-based web services, and CMIS implementation for allowing the ECR content repository to interoperate with other CMS systems having implemented this standard. Services provided by these three initial APIs will include content model definition, query services, lock services, and import and export services.

In the second phase of development, Nuxeo will contribute the Nuxeo WebEngine JAX-RS based web framework, and their Nuxeo Content Automation service for enabling the construction of business logic reusing pre-defined logic blocks. An initial 0.1 release is currently scheduled for the end of the first quarter, 2011.

Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo, has blogged that the major motivation behind moving this project to the Eclipse Foundation, was to engage the community and foster innovation, in a vendor-neutral environment. This has met with the approval of Ian Skerrett, who also praises the move for its potential to add more options to the EclipseRT technology portfolio.

“Nuxeo Core is based on OSGi and run on Equinox and Virgo. Having a Content Repository project at Eclipse will add to the functionality available for people who want to assemble their own runtimes. This is an important addition for the EclipseRT portfolio,” Ian Skerrett.

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