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npm joins the working group TC39 for a standardized JavaScript

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More npm news, as the popular package manager announces that they are joining TC39, the working group responsible for defining the standard for JavaScript.

Last week, npm announced they were moving away from GitHub to Discourse for a new community feel. It turns out that’s not the only big change for the popular packager manager. This week, npm has announced that they are joining ECMA International and TC39, the working group for creating a standard JavaScript.

Based in Geneva, ECMA International is the standards organization aimed at developing standards for ICT and other consumer electronics. TC39 is the working group devoted to the standardization of JavaScript, including (but not limited to) language syntax, semantics, libraries, and any kind of complementary technologies that support the language.

By joining ECMA International and the TC39, npm sends a strong signal that they are dedicated to the future of JavaScript and advocating for developers. After all, TC39 members directly influence and control the future of JavaScript by debating and agreeing on how the language should evolve.

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Nearly 11 million JavaScript developers use npm on a daily basis. With this kind of popular support, it is only natural that npm take the insights they have gathered from their community to benefit developers as a whole. (Good thing they moved over to Discourse for more community involvement and interaction, eh?)

By participating in the TC39 working group, npm makes it easier to shape the future of JavaScript, as well as reduce problems down the line. Although npm started off as a Node.js feature, it has grown to be used by all sorts of JavaScript developers around the world for front-end code as well as server-side JavaScript.

npm’s main goal in joining TC39, though, is by reducing developer friction. Collaboration and understanding is crucial in making JavaScript work for everyone and develop with the times.

Good luck with all the meetings, npm!

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