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Not an April Fool: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for April 1st


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 will offer a big leap forward in turning Big Data into a business intelligence

Microsoft has announced that they will release SQL Server 2012, codenamed Denail, to manufacturers on April 1st. It will offer a leap forward in turning Big Data into business intelligence.

GM of SQL marketing for Redmond, Doug Leland, told The Register that “it’s been a battle-tested by over 150,000 customers and is ready to go.”

As it is designed with primarily big data users in mind, it will help users manage and analyse more data than ever before. Corporate vice president at Microsoft, Ted Kummert, went on further to say:

“Data is being generated faster than ever before, and organisations need a way to process and analyse all that date. Whatever the type or size of data, SQL Server 2012 delivers the platform and familiar tools to manage data, generate actionable insights and help drive business impact.”

The tools to manage the data include PowerPivot for Excel 2010 and Power View with Microsoft promising by the end of June that it will also include an Apache Hadoop-based service for Windows Azure.

New data warehousing solutions will also begin building on the SQL Server 2012, with major software updates expected for Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse appliances. Availability of SQL Server 2012 with its unified storage and storage tiering could quadruple database performance; 80% faster server provisioning. 

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