The year of the NoSQL

NoSQL adoption is on the rise


Couchbase conducted a survey last month revealing that enterprises are finally considering moving over to NoSQL database solutions.

A new Couchbase survey has found enterprises are finally considering moving over to NoSQL database solutions, with almost half of those surveyed saying they have solid plans to move work to NoSQL in the first half of this year. Could this signal the year when NoSQL goes mainstream from being a technology that only some would touch previously?

Couchbase, the company providing the Couchbase Server, a document-oriented database, conducted a survey last December on developers, software architects and IT managers based in America, Europe and Asia. The main points of the survey, which analysed NoSQL adoption rates, showed that almost half of 1,300 database pros have solid plans to move work to NoSQL in the first half of this year and in companies with more than 250 developers, 70% have funded NoSQL projects as well. This suggests that mid-to-large enterprises are certainly seeing the merits of switching their data stores now rather than later.

What was surprising with this survey is that most of the respondents did not mention scalability as the main factor for adopting NoSQL solutions, but their disdain with the inflexibility of database schemas. 49% of those surveyed said schemas drove them to NoSQL. The second biggest factor at 35% was the inability of relational database to handle scale-out data.

One of the questions in the survey was “What is your biggest expectation/hope for what NoSQL technology will do for you in 2012?” Responses related to the database schemas were:

Free us from the problem of inflexible schemas that are hard to adapt to changing business requirements.
Retire legacy rigid data stores and replace wit more efficient, flexible stores.
Insulate us from expensive schema changes, Simplify horizontal scaling.

This correlates with another survey from Evans Data that NoSQL is becoming rapidly accepted, by corporate enterprise developers with the survey showing that 56% use the schema-less database in North America. General developers make up 43% of those expected to use NoSQL is the near future.

Further predictions about the NoSQL boom have been announced recently. Market Research Media published a NoSQL Market Forecast last month for 2013-2018. It predicts the worldwide NoSQL market to reach “$3.4bl by 2018 and NoSQL market will generate $14bn in revenues over the period 2013-2018,”

So the evidence is plain for all to see, this is the year of NoSQL adoption and the emergence of cloud platforms designed for huge amounts of data. What impact on companies and individual developers worldwide remains to be seen. 

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