New Joyent Home For Node

Node.js Moves to Joyent

Jessica Thornsby

Node.js finds a new home at Joyent, and gets a team of full-time developers.

Node.js has moved to Joyent! “We are excited and honoured to be investing this active open source project,” said Mark Mayo, the CTO of Joyent. According to Mark Mayo’s statement, Joyent first became involved with Node when searching for a way to write low latency network servers and agents, to be used in their infrastructure management products. “We recognized the potential in the code and its inventor to solve problems far beyond our own immediate roadmap, so early this year we invited Ryan to join Joyent and continue developing a community around Node while Joyent provided the real-world battleground for Node to grow up in,” explains the CTO. He cites a growing interest in Node from Joyent customers.

Ryan Dahl has also written about the move stating that Node’s popularity means it warrants a larger, more structured, full-time development team, and corporate investment. To achieve these aims, he has signed an agreement that officially puts Node under Joyent’s roof. He explains that Joyent’s cloud computing core, “aligns well with a free and open Node.js” which also influenced his decision to move to Joyent.

What differences can the Node community expect? According to Ryan Dahl, very little – the only change he anticipates is that the contributor agreement will now be directed at Joyent, rather than Ryan Dahl. Node will continue to be released under MIT license, and patches will continue to be accepted from the community. Existing contributors will not be required to sign a new contributor license agreement. Ryan Dahl will still work on the Node project.

Congratulations, Node!

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