New Version of logFaces Centralised Logging Solution


The logFaces team have announced the first maintenance release of version 2.5.

Version 2.5.1 of the centralised logging solution replaces a resource leak in log4j socket receiver, which might have resulted in problems during very long runs without a restart, and adds two new items in the admin status panel. The first new item obtains thread dumps and the other is an active applications counter. Version 2.5 featured descending indexes from MySQL default schema, despite the fact that MySQL doesn’t support descending indexes. This has been removed in version 2.5.1. Users can now choose to use database connection pools.

The previous release, 2.5, introduced notification triggers to complement the logFaces’ reporting mechanism; a new, asynchronous appender and new view filters for focusing or ignoring particular log statements.

Please see the Release Notes for more information. The logFaces logging solution can be downloaded from the project’s website. A fully featured 30 days trial is automatically activated when the product is installed. logFaces client for personal use is priced at £45. The Enterprise Edition comes in at $450. Please see the Licensing for more information.


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