Apache Rave Proposed

New Rave Web and Social Mashup Engine for Apache

Jessica Thornsby

Apache Rave is proposed as a new Apache Incubator project.

Apache Rave has been proposed for the Apache Incubator. Rave is an open-standards based web and social mashup engine that aims to provide a Java platform for hosting, serving and aggregating (Open)Social Gadgets and services, in addition to providing context-sensitive personalisation and collaborative functionality. It will integrate Apache Shindig, and there are plans to support W3C Widgets using Apache Wookie, alongside offering client-side widget messaging and inline widget rendering.

Initial features will include OpenSocial persistence and SPI implementation, gadget repository with life-cycle management, and OAuth support. The initial code contributions will come from three Apache-licensed code bases: SURFnet SURFconext Portal, MITRE OpenSocial Enterprise Container, and OGCE: Gadget Container code. These codebases will be imported into Apache SVN in separate sandboxes. There will also be a followup codebase donation, which will provide a context-aware mapping engine, alongside content integration features. More information is available at the project proposal.


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