New Middleware For Implementing Java in the Cloud


NT/e Ltd have announced CloudTran, a middleware product for providing a Java view of data, mission-critical transactions, automatic distribution in the Cloud and implementing Java in pubic and private clouds.

CloudTran is built on the GigaSpaces XAP platform, providing cloud transactions for SQL and NoSQL data stores. It comes with an infrastructure layer for developing scalable data-oriented (OLTP) applications in Java, combined with an Eclipse-based IDE.

There are three layers to CloudTran. One, is a transaction management layer that works both on the cloud and on a distributed grid. It allows CloudTran to commit to backed-up memory and coordinates data in the the processing nodes with data in storage services.

Another layer is Data Mapping, where data is represented in one of three ways: an entity/object view; an in-grid view; and the storage view. CloudTran infrastructure automates data transformation and movement between these three representations.

The third layer is an Eclipse plugin that provides application modelling and framework generation, application code development and unit testing.

For more information, and to register interest in the product, please visit the CloudTran website.


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