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New JavaFX Framework Project and Plugin for Developing JavaFX Apps with IntelliJ

Jessica Thornsby

New release for the Grails OSGi plugin and FxObjects project launched.

Developing JavaFX With IntelliJ

IntelliJ IDEA have launched a new plugin for developing JavaFX applications with IntelliJ.

The plugin offers syntax highlighting with basic errors highlighting, and brace and quote matching. The latest release – 0.2 – features quote matching and parser improvements.

New JavaFX Framework Project

FxObjects is a new open source project that aims to deliver a JavaFX application framework for developing JavaFX applications.

FxObjects describes itself as for use when “dependency injection grounds up.” Spring is already implemented, with Guice support coming soon. FxObjects will also bring MVP style development to JavaFX, and comes with a in-built controller chain, and support for REST and SOAP.

The first, 0.1, release is expected soon.

New Plugin Brings OSGi to Grails

Version 0.2 of the OSGi plugin for Grails is out now.

The Grails OSGi plugin gives the developer the option of packaging and running a Grails application as an OSGi bundle, which can either run in an OSGi container or be deployed to an external OSGi app server. The OSGi runtime is assembled in the target/osgi directory and uses SpringDM’s Eclipse Equinox OSGi framework.

This version uses Spring DM instead of Pax Web as Web extender and updates the Apache Felix WebConsole. In the future, configurable bundle generation and auto-reloading support for changed artifacts are planned.

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