New Eclipse Marketplace Client Project


Eclipse Marketplace Client Project (MPC) has been proposed as an Eclipse project under the Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP) project.

The Eclipse community has a catalogue of third-party plugins that can be added to the Eclipse installation. Currently, users must browse the recently-launched central repository Eclipse Marketplace for a listing of Eclipse-based solutions. There is no easy way to discover and install these solutions from within Eclipse, and no integrated install process within the Eclipse workspace.

MPC aims to provide an Eclipse-based rich client for installing solutions listed in the Eclipse Marketplace. Each Eclipse Marketplace listing specifies a p2 update site for their plugin; MPC will layer on top of the Eclipse P2, to provide a workflow for finding and installing solutions. MPC won’t be limited to the Eclipse Marketplace, it will support different external sources of solution listing catalogues, for example the Eclipse release train catalogue and internal corporate catalogues. The MPC team aim to provide access to up to 5000 different catalogue entries, and a comprehensive means of navigating those entries, with the ability to search by license types; product maturity; name of provider; author; and community favourites, amongst others.

Each plugin listed in the MPC client should come complete with the project’s logo, the project name, provider name, a short description and a link for more detailed information. From there, MPC proposes a single click should automatically install the solution into Eclipse. The team envision the client checking for valid update sites, version compatibility and other pre-requisites, to ensure that only plugins that can be successfully added into your Eclipse installation, appear as listings.

The initial contribution will be made by Tasktop, and the project leader will be Ian Skerrett. A feature complete beta should be available on March 19th, 2010.

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