New Eclipse Incubator Project ‘Object Teams’


The Object Teams project has just been created as an incubator project at after passing through the project proposal phase.

Object Teams is a programming model for managing tensions that may occur between different people and sub-projects contributing to the overall code base of a large software development project. It is based on the concepts of roles and teams. Object Teams allows each role model to be mapped on the implementation as a team class. The contained roles implement those facets of objects that are relevant to the given perspective. These explicit bindings between a role and its base entity provide a powerful means for integrating a system from components, by defining significant parts of the communication in the resulting system.

The current Object Teams software has been developed by Technische Universiat Berlin and Fraunhofer FIRST and is publicly available under the EPL v1.0 license.

Proposed future plans for Object Teams now it has become an Eclipse project, include maturing the Java Persistence API integration; integration with Equinox Aspects and integration with tools such as EclEmma, TOD, and Mylyn. The team are currently aiming for the official 1.0 release of Object Teams to be published in conjunction with the Helios coordinated release.


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