New App Allows Children To Experiment With Scala and Java Libraries


Version 200210 of Scala-based learning environment Kojo, has been released.

Kojo is a desktop based software-application that aims to introduce the essentials of computer programming to children. With Kojo, children can create and explore computer art, experiment with geometry and algebra, create animations, and improve their logical thinking abilities. On the more technical side of things, it features syntax highlighting, code completion, object inspection, and a customisable classpath, that enables experimentation with any Scala or Java libraries.

Version 200210 features updates to the scripting editor, a new splash screen, and modifications to the output handling. For single line scripts, output from the interpreter is shown exactly as before, but the output is suppressed for multiple-line scripts.

The open source learning environment can be downloaded for free at the Kojo website.


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