Build and deploy to the cloud using Netflix OSS

Netflix: “Moving to the cloud is hard” | JAX DevOps

Netflix OSS
Mike McGarr

Getting started on AWS is easy, but building a scalable, reliable, and performant product in the cloud can be a challenge for startups and enterprises alike. Netflix has famously migrated all its services to the cloud. Along the way, they have open-sourced large portions of their platform that helped make this a reality.

In this talk, Mike McGarr, manager of Netflix Developer Productivity, will provide a survey of the Netflix OSS products available. Mike will also share patterns and lessons Netflix learned migrating to the cloud. This talk will cover tools such as Nebula, Aminator and Spinnaker. Lastly, Mike will leave you with a roadmap for how to get started with Netflix OSS on your cloud today.

JAX DevOps 2016: Build and deploy to the cloud using Netflix OSS – Mike McGarr from JAX TV on Vimeo.

Mike McGarr is the Engineering Manager for the Netflix Developer Productivity team. He is also a co-host of the Ship Show Podcast. He has been developing Java/JVM-based applications for most of his career and been known to dabble in other languages as well. He is passionate about building quality software through automation. Mike can frequently be found talking about Agile, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, or build and test automation. Prior to joining Netflix, Mike was the Director of DevOps at Blackboard and the founder of the DC Continuous Delivery meetup.

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